Design process for a contest entry. Pictures by Patrick Segovia. Post-production by me.

Hey guys, I have a favor to ask from all of you. My friends and I joined this billboard design contest and we’re going to need your help for us to win. You see, it will be based on 70% “likes” and 30% from the judges.

Everyone knows it’s quite annoying when people ask you to like their photos or contest entries on Facebook. Especially when it’s not that deserving.

Like this first:


And these are our 7 entries:

Style/Fashion: http://on.fb.me/gnHOmT
Sensation: http://on.fb.me/efVlEf
Seduction: http://on.fb.me/dQhRDY
Satisfaction: http://on.fb.me/gQLGyd
Motion: http://on.fb.me/dOo0CH
Love: http://on.fb.me/ikdvKI
Freedom: http://on.fb.me/fLNN8T

Please help us out?

Thank you :x